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For Mandy

Time sublime, tumbles through my mind; 
Playing back sweet memories, endearing to remind;

So much hope for the best, so many dreams to quest; 
Nevermore to request, nor to inquest;

The little things taken for granted, twisted and slanted;
Thankful for the love, the seeds which were planted;

Grown apart yet bound together, no storm we couldn’t weather;
Heavy burdens alone we gather, paired become light as a feather;

Even through strife, no longer my wife;
This pain cuts my heart like a knife, I will miss you in this life.

~greyeyesgabriel 2014


Tears to fall down the face, 
Time growing never to replace;
Life living to fill this empty space,
Destruction left to our disgrace.

A fevered pitch to quicken the pace,

A hurried attempt to finish the race; 
A limp to burden without even a brace,

A head to hold high while marching to grace.

 ~greyeyesgabriel 2014


I heard a whisper on the wind,
whistling I love you along the breeze;
tickling my ears to bend a grin,
flowing through my mind with ease.

Slipping away, into the trees,
that wind twisting, blowing a love tune;
passing gently, weakening my knees,
filling my head, just like a balloon.

Chasing that wind, trying to catch it,
always fleeting, just out of my grasp;
expanding passion, keeping the flame lit,
exploding, punctured as if bitten by an asp.

That wind continues to whisper, to and fro,
slowly wandering, whistling a song of love;
a kiss in passing, as it blows on the go,
awakening souls, a tender hug from above.

~greyeyesgabriel 2013


The wind whispers through my soul,
whistling as it passes over the hollows;
wafting, gently twisting to and fro,
steam vaporizing to fill the shallows.

Drifting along the waters the current slows,
quickly cooling chilling air above gallows;
eventually bogging down within the icy floes,
frozen stones as ego’s pride swallows.

~greyeyesgabriel 2013


She slithers into my mind, coiling around my brain;
gently squeezing, to let me know she is still there.
Nibbling at my cortex, driving me somewhat insane;
before she swiftly slips away, to hide from her fear.

Her venom coursing through my body, so she will remain;
within my blood she lives, though she hides herself away.
I know she will return, for her love she cannot restrain;
paralyzed I sit, tainted, waiting for that fateful day.

~greyeyesgabriel 2013

Shadow’s Echo

Her shadow haunts me throughout my day,
flitting away, always just out of my sight;
waxing and waning, affecting my tide,
then disappearing like a hawk in flight.

A vision of a ghost, an echo from before,
whispering sweet promises within my ear;
leaving my mind in a blanket of euphoria,
as she silently slips away in a fog of fear.

Dropping little kisses within my soul,
ever so gently she caresses my heart;
reaching for her, as she fades away,
watching as she cracks and crumbles apart.

Sewn together, an endless thread of hope,
even a burden of despair, cannot break;
waiting patiently for her shadow’s return,
forever haunting me, around this lonely lake.

Whispering promises of an endless summer,
quietly within my ear, I hear her say she is mine;
haunted, I must be lost within this endless dream,
for as I look around, alone, her I cannot find.

~greyeyesgabriel 2013

Garden of Expectations

She journeys regularly through my mind,
casually dropping her little seeds;
Cautiously planting a garden of hope,
growing dreams with the fantasies she feeds.

With promises of a bountiful harvest,
deep into my soul she breathes;
Fertilizing the roots in tender love,
promises to fulfill all of my needs.

Tending the rows in gentle kindness,
it’s something in me that she sees;
What she is growing, I do not know,
somewhere within my heart bleeds.

Within the Garden of Expectations,
the place she left me on my knees;
I sit here alone in disappointment,
discovering what grows here are weeds.

~greyeyesgabriel 2013

Space Out

Growing forever in a bottle,
infinity condensed, confined;
expanding time in suspense,
compounded out of mind.

Starseed interjected mass,
a flip of the switch electric;
just an energetic pulsar,
only a touch of the eclectic.

A rhythm in frequency pitch,
a subtle dance of love in light;
twisting a universal chance,
chaotic control, harrowed sight.

Done like as before, never again,
gently drifting towards the blackhole;
vibrating harmoniously, a rift in time,
an energy which some call our soul.

~greyeyesgabriel 2013

Bill Brady

I’ve got a gun.
You’d better run.
I’ve got to kill.
What a thrill.

A Bill called Brady!
The Bill is quite shady!
I’ve got no gun!
I’ve got to run!

~greyeyesgabriel 1996 

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